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Never call yourself a "gin enthusiast" or a "coffee snob" in your bio. Beverages are not a substitute for a personality. You don't have to put your height, but thinking girls don't care would be naive, so post a full-body photo of you posing against something for scale, like a "You Must Be This High to Ride". And frikadeller (meatballs) for dinner. Mmm, 'That calls for a Carlsberg' If you need a sweet treat, try Flødeboller (like a Scottish Tunnock's teacake) or skumbananer (banana flavoured marshmallow covered in chocolate). And, for the very brave, lashings of [yuck] Danish lakrids (liquorice). - Diane from Scotland. My hypocrite hater routine was meant to trap a girl who was trying to call me out for generalizing about Denmark. Early in a conversation, I'd make one of my observations about the country with a barely perceptible tone of annoyance. I'd say, “I've noticed that everyone in Denmark likes to wear earthy colors.

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And — selvfølgelig — your shoes left at the doorstep. I really dont see the alternative. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Paris Hilton reveals she will have a baby with her boyfriend Chris Zylka next year Paris Hilton, 36, reveals her baby plans Reunited!


TWO DANISH GIRLS! The Danish teenager told police that she used the spray after she was targeted in the coastal town of Sonderborg by a man, who knocked her to the ground and tried to undress her. 18 photos that show the life of Bonnie, a legal sex worker in Denmark. “It was hard, involving myself so much in her life and family.” She's been working as a prostitute since the age of 18, when she and her best girl friend, trying to raise money to travel the world, answered an ad for "massage girls. Danish women are very beautiful, but dating in Denmark is hard, even for the Danes. It will probably be hard for you, too. even in city when you in facebook and add a danish girl and try chat with her,the next step is she calls you stranger and block you,in streets every girl i try make a conversation with she.